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Auntshop.com ,Hyderabad  
Online shopping for audio cassettes, CDs, VCDs, books, computers etc.,
Company Details  |  http://www.auntshop.com

Catrack Entertainment Ltd,   
Audio cassettes, recording studio & sound engineering at Mohali.
Company Details  |  http://www.catrack.com

Flash Music Pvt. Ltd., ,Pune  
Indian classical, devotional and Marathi music cassettes.
Company Details  |  http://www.neelam.com

Lipap Systems (P) Ltd.,   
Manufacturing thermal transfer ribbons, inkjet products, ribbon cassettes.
Company Details  |  http://www.lipap.com

Music Plus, ,Pune  
Koel Music brand of audio cassettes & CDs for Carnatic music artistes.
Company Details  |  http://www.koelmusic.com

Rhythm House Private Limited,   
Shop for CDs and audio cassettes in Mumbai.
Company Details  |  http://www.rhythmhouseindia.com

Super Cassettes Industries Limited   
Manufacture for T-Series brand of CDs, mineral water, electronics, film production, fans.
Company Details  |  http://www.t-series.com

A leading producer of music cassettes and CDs.
Company Details  |  http://www.tipsmusicfilms.com

Topcassette Ppmm ,Ambawadi,Ahmedabad  
Audio cassettes, CDs, VCDs, CD-ROMs, books, recording & editing.
Company Details  |  http://www.topcassette.com