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Amantech Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.   
India manufacturers and exporters of Metallic Octoates and Naphthenates
Company Details  |  http://www.amantechindia.com

Garima Calcium Products Pvt. Ltd.   
Manufacturer of high purity hydrated lime, slaked lime, calcium hydroxide.
Company Details  |  http://www.garimachemical.com

Kerala Chemical and Proteins Ltd   
Manufactures ossein, gelatin, di calcium phosphate and compound glue.
Company Details  |  http://www.kerchem.com

Madhu Silica Pvt Ltd.,   
Manufacturer of silica & silicate based chemicals, calcium carbonate.
Company Details  |  http://www.madhusilica.com

Silvoliacal Chemicals Ltd. Works.   
Manufacturer and exporter of calcium, lime and chalk.
Company Details  |  http://www.limechem.com